10 Most Romantic Bars in S.F.- Grab A Date And Go!

The Riptide earns a place in our roundup for its novel mashup — equal parts honky-tonk saloon and piney hunting lodge — and for its remote location, a block away from the Pacific Ocean in the Sunset. When you’re looking for a romantic getaway, it's just a Muni ride away on the L-Taraval line. You’ll want to come for the friendly pioneer welcome and stay for Saturday bingo nights and the local music acts. It’s a little slice of country in the middle of a big city.
3639 Taraval Street (between 46th and 47th avenues); 415-681-8433.

Photographed by Christine Ting


Distillations: Riding Out the Morning After at the Riptide

By Benjamin Wachs Wednesday, Apr 23 2014

The Riptide is divided into two "rooms" by its rectangular bar, and for some reason almost everyone in the bar was on one side. It was the bigger side, sure ... but wouldn't everyone have more space if they spread out a little?

I sat on the empty side, alone at a gorgeous table made from driftwood, watching neighborhood regulars flow in and out, bumping into each other and catching up. The lack of company suited me.

It was one of those freakishly sunny and beautiful days that people swear the Outer Sunset never gets. The view of the ocean, just two blocks away, was a magnificent horizon onto the vastness of life, while the warm sunlight nurtured the soul. I couldn't stand it.

I'd long figured I'd get to Riptide eventually for this column, but it was bumped ahead of schedule by a screaming need for one of my favorite hangover cures, available at Riptide only on Sunday afternoons: bacon Bloody Marys. [More...]


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The Weeknighter: The Riptide

By Stuart Schuffman on February 20, 2013 5:00 PM

Weekends are for amateurs. Weeknights are for pros. That's why each week Stuart Schuffman will be exploring a different San Francisco bar, giving you the lowdown on how and where to do your weeknight right. From the most creative cocktails to the best happy hours, Stuart's taking you along on his weeknight adventures into the heart of the City's nightlife. So, who wants a drink?

I spent much of the night before my first visit to The Riptide passed out on someone’s kitchen floor. I had been out with a group of Irish girls who were big fans of my work. It was my first groupie situation, but as the gods of San Francisco awkwardness would have it, we ran into my ex-girlfriend, my first love, the one I was still heartbroken over in that fine and strange summer of 2006. I drank myself into mental incapacitation and, as mentioned before, passed out on the Irish girls’ kitchen floor. No groupie lovin’ was had.  [more... ]



It was Sunday and I hadn’t eaten anything since brunch when my boyfriend picked me up and we headed out. He didn’t know where we were going since this was going to be part of his Christmas present, and I didn’t really know where we were going either.

I only knew the address and that we were heading to
The Riptide, “the bay area’s best little honky-tonk by the beach” for their Hillbilly Hootenanny West Side Review. It happens at the beginning of every month. [more...]


Urban Cowboy Rides Into the Sunset

Lonesome pedal-steel hero Joe Goldmark carries a twang torch.
By Jennifer Maerz

The Riptide's signature brick fireplace was veiled behind red velvet curtains on a recent Sunday night, but the Outer Sunset dive still carried the strong scent of burning embers from the night before. Most days the Taraval Street bar is the stamping ground for surfers, punks, and working-class stiffs, but on this particular evening it was dominated by urban cowboys.


Caught in the Riptide

Katy St. Clair on the Sunset's David Lynch aura and a cool new bar full of ghosts

The Sunset is the most David Lynchian area of the city. First, to get there you drive up the Lost Highway that is Market to Portola to Sloat. Midway through, you arrive in the fog of Twin Peaks. Then you've got the zoo (elephants, man), the fancy houses that wind westward (Mulholland Drive), and finally the surreal arrival of the improbable: a vast, empty oceanfront with nary aSunglass Hut. There is, however, an ice cream place where you can buy a "doggie-cone" for your Alsatian. Spooky.


SFWeekly - Best Oceanside Dive - 2006

The Riptide
On the Riptide's Web site flashes the phrase "AT THE EDGE OF THE WESTERN WORLD," which is why we're lured to Ocean Beach and why we love the place. A moist ocean breeze drenches the outer Avenues in the smell of salt water, churning white waves pound the beach, and just about everybody in this joint seems to prefer this chunk of San Francisco — the one with front-row seats to the Pacific and its electric-blue horizon — to all the others. With its walls covered in lacquered wood paneling, a raging fireplace, and a jukebox cranking the only Wilco song worth hearing — sample lyric: "I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of California stars"the Riptide has become known as a cozy little watering hole for Outer Sunset denizens. It has even established itself as a decent place to catch live acts specializing in bluegrass and country, which only adds to the "on the edge" atmosphere.


SF Weekly Top Ten
Top 10 Dive Bars in San Francisco


Square 28: SF Chronicle
Paolo Lucchesi

There's a different culture in Square 28, the southern stretch of the Outer Sunset.
The critically acclaimed Outerlands may be the popular new kid in the Sunset these days, but you'll still find far more Giants caps and surfers at the Riptide, a neighborhood watering hole with cheap beer aplenty.
The bar also features other delightful amenities like live music, stuffed animal heads and even the occasional food special (Thursday is DIY grilled cheese sandwich night).

Read more:
SF Gate

Fearless, frigid swimmers greet year at Ocean Beach with Polar Bear Club event
By: Mike Billings 01/01/13 8:38 PM
Assistant Managing Editor | Follow On Twitter @Mbillings

Several people wandered about Ocean Beach on New Year’s Day, dressed in jackets and beanies like the other folks strolling on the sand. But right at noon, when the emergency siren wailed its weekly warning, more than a dozen men and women stripped down to their bathing suits and waded into the frigid water.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner


The New York Times

The Riptide
3639 Taraval Street
(415) 681-8433

Refreshingly far from the city swank, this knotty-pine dive bar has stood  mere steps from the ocean  since 1941. Inside, a fire crackles and the cocktails flow.


The Attitude Adjustment Hour with Dennis Cruz (Video)


The Sosh Insider

It's chilly out there by the ocean which is why the fireplace at The Riptide bar is especially charming (and appreciated). The lodge-y space boasts an addictive jukebox. stiff drinks, live music on certain nights, and ... DIY griled cheese nights.


7x7 Magazine

Fireside Buzz: 7 Bars That'll Warm You Up
The Riptide, 3639 Taraval St., (415) 681-8433
This homey spot on the cold edge of town has friendly bartenders and lots of music to go with your fireside beer. Wednesdays are made for avid surfers, when they show surf movies all night long.

7X7 Magazine:

Stuff We Like: Succulence Wall-Hangings, Bingo at Riptide, Population Salon, Nijiya Market, Seedstore and Real Estate Report


Bingo Night at Riptide

Leave it to the NY Times to teach me something about my own city, but when I read in a recent article that the Riptide out in Ocean Beach has bingo on Saturday nights, I nearly jumped out of my seat. My Eastern European Catholic ancestry has bingo in its blood. Come this Saturday at 5:50, I'm there, ready to drink margaritas and take the pot. -Robin Rinaldi

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Best Beach Bar - 2007

San Francisco is not renowned for its beach culture. As if the sharks and frigid waters weren't bad enough, there's the months-long summer fog and the almost complete lack of any commercial beachfront development. But in the chilly Sunset District there's a hearty breed of weathered local denizens who gather to warm their spirits at a handful of spots like Java Beach, Kelly's Cove, and the liveliest of them all — the Riptide. With its roaring fireplace and wood-paneled walls, hearty drinks, and amazing free live music calendar, the Riptide is a cozy home away from home for many. DJs spin punk, ska, and metal on Wednesday through Friday nights, with folk, bluegrass, and Americana bands and players taking over on Saturdays and Sundays. Homemade vittles on Friday evening, surf videos on the TV, and a friendly staff make this a perfect after-beach warm-up spot.


Ocean Beach BBQ Sneaks Into The Riptide
Tuesday, February 12, 2013, by Tamara Palmer

The newest rogue food vendor in town is not, for once, based in the Mission: a phantom caterer called
Ocean Beach BBQ has begun serving to-go plates of slow-smoked pork sandwiches, slabs of ribs, and bacon cheeseburgers on random nights at Outer Sunset bar The Riptide (3639 Taraval). Their Twitter feed is the only point of communication at the moment, with orders being taken by direct message and extra plates offered for sale to those who catch the announcement in time.
Tweets so far indicate that the mastermind of this project is a former "Pitmaster General" who was trained by a James Beard Award-winning chef in Alabama and who "promises to remain hidden behind the hickory smoke cloud." The meat itself is being cooked barbacoa-style in the "Heaven Pit," which is "located on the dunes of Ocean Beach . . . above the clouds."
Ocean Beach BBQ [Twitter]


Congratulations to bartender JoAnn Aita for breaking the world record total! Watch JoAnn here.

JoAnn Aita sets a new world record total at the Women's Pro-Am hosted by Super Training Gym.

140 kilo/ 308 lb back squat
75 kilo / 165 lb bench
170 kilo / 374 lb deadlift

@ 51 kilo / 113 lb body weight



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